About us

Sense to Solve was established by Itha Taljaard in 2007. Today, our team is proud of the company’s reputation as a leading provider of creative solutions that help companies to maximise value as they start out, grow, diversify and/or innovate.

As our name suggests, Sense to Solve helps people to make sense of increasingly complex business challenges, whilst developing future-ready solutions that are not only relevant and actionable, but likely to succeed because they are designed to solve real customer needs.

We do this by offering a wide range of innovative solutions that are designed to work together to create ecosystems of value for our customers.

Most Sense to Solve programmes include a tutorial component together with a strong focus on dialogical learning and other experiential processes that encourage imaginative, forward thinking ideas. Our solutions are also designed to provide participants with easy-to-use tools and reference materials that entrench learning and drive successful outcomes after the training sessions have taken place.

Our key differentiator is that all Sense to Solve programmes are underpinned by neuroscience. Our approach leverages the power of all 9 senses: intuition, humour, taste, smell, vision, hearing, touch, proprioception and vestibular. We are regular advocates of the “eat well to think well” philosophy, and movement is seen as a crucial aspect that integrates creative thinking processes.

Our methodology starts with the individual and our approach includes whole mind, whole body, whole person thinking. In our experience, this results in more creatively confident, better equipped individuals; more enlightened, cohesive teams; and as a result, stronger, high growth entities.

Our main principles when facilitating include: experiential learning, moving from group think to group genius, embracing creativity and tapping into collective intelligence, being solutions and outcomes driven and bringing about insightful and informed decision making.

Meet the team

The Sense to Solve team are passionate, well trained and highly experienced. We follow a strict code of ethics that honours the unique needs and diverse perspectives of every individual that we work with as we set out to create safe spaces for learnings to take place.

All Sense to Solve facilitators tend to their own processes, are engaged in supervision and invest in training programmes aimed at constant learning and ongoing personal and professional development.

We regularly engage in research to ensure that we are in touch with the latest organisational development trends and make it our business to keep abreast of future trends in general.

Above all our team has a shared vision and a vested interest in wanting to make the world a better place by changing the way people think and as a result, what they do.

Itha Taljaard
Itha Taljaard
Founder, sensemaker, strategic facilitator & problem solver
Vanessa Holmes
Vanessa Holmes
Creative strategist, designer & strategic facilitator
Mari de Sousa
Mari de Sousa Gomes
Whole Brain® specialist, counsellor & coach
Mitchell Taljaard
Mitchell Taljaard
Film, futures,
culture & marketing