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Ethnography & Immersion


Ethnography is a human-centred research approach, rather than a specific methodology. It covers a variety of different qualitative methods, such as participatory observation, semi-structured interviews and video diaries, which can be combined as needed to bring insights to the surface.

Ethnography aims to get under the skin of human behaviour, to better understand the world and the dynamics of the cultures and societies we live in. The focus of the research can be anything from current cultural tendencies, to changing values, attitudes and norms, or concrete human behaviour and its motivations within different situations and contexts.

In ethnographic research, approach and attitude are everything. With the right methods and a healthy dose of curiosity one can uncover new insights and develop new opportunities for almost any given topic.

Ethnographic methods are well suited to inform the design and innovation processes to ensure that the outcomes resonate with people, both today and in the future.

In addition to ethnographic research Sense to Solve also conducts category immersion and brand audits (including in depth sensory brand audits).



The Sense to Solve team includes experienced individuals with a range of complimentary strategic skills. Not only is this helpful when facilitating, it also enables us to offer our clients strategic development solutions in the following key areas (for both new and existing businesses):

  • Business strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Product development
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing & communications strategy
  • Team strategy

Our strategic programmes are generally always undertaken in consultation with clients and tend to include a workshop and ethnographic component in addition to the development of the strategic plan.

Design Thinking


Sense to Solve offers Applied Design Thinking solutions. This is ideal for customers who want to utilise Design Thinking principles and processes, but do not have the capacity to do so internally.

The Sense to Solve team will act as an extension of your team to carry out key functions:

  • Ethnography and/or immersion
  • Needs analysis
  • Identification of causal problems
  • Development of insights
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Strategic planning
  • Development of the Business Model Canvas
  • Planning for execution

Brand Development


At Sense to Solve we believe that a strong brand is the face of a strong business model that adds real value to people’s lives. In this light, strong brands have vision and a clear sense of purpose and meaning.

A concise brand identity system is at the heart of every strong brand. To facilitate the development of this vital brand building tool, Sense to Solve believes in the importance of working co-creatively with you and key members of your team.

Not only do you know your brand and business better than we do, but in order to be truly successful we must develop a brand that your team will be inspired to live and breathe every day.

On this basis Sense to Solve offers comprehensive brand development solutions including:

  • Brand leadership workshops
  • Sensory brand audits
  • Brand positioning strategies
  • Development of brand identity systems
  • Brand portfolio strategy
  • Brand design
  • Brand tool kit development
  • Internal brand engagement programmes

Spatial Innovation

The effective use of space to elicit and maintain positive energy is crucial to generate and keep ideas flowing. This is made easier when colour, texture, sound, visual imagery and sensory journeys can enrich the process.

More often than not, we find that thinking activities and the spaces in which they take place don’t cater for ‘whole person thinking’ (which is the synergy that comes from inviting whole mind and whole body thinking into a room). This is exactly what Sense to Solve aims to overcome with our Spatial Innovation offering.

The design and development of spaces that invite all five senses into the process of thinking and decision-making; Playfulness and the permission to be creative feature prominently; Flexible environments that you can move around and change depending on your purpose and objective; Spaces that are usable;where people do not feel uncomfortable or afraid to stick something on a wall and are not nervous to break the rules or make mistakes.

Unfortunately, many people and organisations still don’t act on the well-documented evidence that new and innovative thinking requires breaking the rules, failing, getting up and trying again without fear.

Lastly, Sense to Solve spaces are designed to foster collaboration and co-creation.

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