Sense To Solve - Future Sensing

Custom Workshops


Sense to Solve custom designs workshops and fully integrated learning and development programmes.

We incorporate one or more of the following:

  • A key theme (i.e. fairness, playfulness, creativity, leadership or diversity)
  • A complex problem that needs to be overcome
  • A new business, brand or product initiative
  • Innovation
  • Cultural dynamics
  • Performance

To get the best result we integrate proven methodologies, co-design with your team (where required) and adjust based on insights gained.

As with all Sense to Solve programmes our main principles when facilitating include: experiential learning, moving from group think to group genius, embracing creativity and tapping into collective intelligence.  We are solutions and outcomes driven and focused on developing insightful and informed decision making.

Sense To Solve - Future Sensing

CVP Development


A customer value proposition is a concise statement that clearly articulates the value that a customer (potential or existing / internal or external) can expect when interacting with your company, product, service or brand.

A strong CVP should cover a number of dimensions including what you do, why you do it, how you do it (differently) and why what you do adds value.

We all know what we do. However, far fewer of us know why we do what we do (i.e. purpose) and what it is we hope to achieve in the future (vision).

An effective CVP is based on determining a defensible product/brand/service positioning that you truly “own”. One that not only differentiates you from competitors, but that leverages opportunities and creates long-term barriers to entry.

It is also vital to understand your vision because if you don’t know where you are going, you could literally end up anywhere and/or nowhere.

Because every business is different; Sense to Solve starts every CVP process with immersion. This could take the shape of a workshop, series of observations and/or interviews. From here we would custom design workshops and training programmes to deliver on the precise needs of our customers.

Our offering is integrative and best in class because it considers the dimensions of an effective CVP from diverse positions and varied perspectives.

Sense To Solve - Future Sensing

Team Resolution


No two people think, feel or perceive the world in the same way.  Isn’t that great?

This literally provides innumerable opportunities for co-creation and positive exchange. It is also a fertile and volatile breeding ground for conflict, especially when you consider that the brain is built for survival.  The implication of this is that its hardwired to respond according to fight or flight impulses – socially and environmentally. I.e. to move toward pleasure and away from pain.

At Sense to Solve, we think that many companies have a tendency to view conflict in much the same way as they see failure: unproductive and unacceptable. 

We think the opposite is true.

Conflict is a marvellous opportunity that provides cause for pause, empathy, reflection, learning and new ways of doing.

On this basis, Sense to Solve will custom design workshops and more holistic programmes that help teams to resolve conflict and move toward a place of passion and performance.

Our programmes can be designed to include useful diagnostic tools and models like Neuroscience and Whole Brain Thinking that help to appreciate and leverage the value associated with diversity of thinking.

All conflict resolution programmes include the following key principles:

  1. Acknowledge the problem
    • Listen
    • Become open to resolution
  1. Understand the problem landscape
    • Social contexts (including culture)
    • Environmental contexts (incl. work historical and present situational circumstances)
  1. Discuss the impact
    • Who, How, Where, When, Why?
  1. Imagine the future state & find a way forward
    • How might we… move to the desired state
  1. Maintain a healthy environment
    • Open communication structures and processes that prevent the repetition of past mistakes

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