Reinvent your thinking

Future Sensing explores and applies futures thinking to analyse different possible, probable and plausible futures. The creation of various scenarios, enables exploration around the potential impact of external events and internal decisions on the business.

Visioning is used to assist in establishing goals for the future. We provide tools to help you to reach your goals and realise your vision.

Sense to Solve constantly researches trends and subscribes to various future trend reports to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve. Using colourful posters and trend cards we encourage teams to shop for ideas across more than 20 different future trend categories.

Future Sensing is designed to spark fresh ideas and will get your team thinking and innovating with renewed creative energy. LEGO © Strategic Play works as a powerful addition to this process as it enables delegates to physically construct future scenarios.

Workshop options

Sense to Solve offers a range of Future Sensing solutions to suit your needs:

Future Sensing talks

90-120 min high impact presentations with facilitated conversations. Presentations can be a general overview that includes key trends from a macro perspective (social, technology, economical, environment, political, etc.) or we can focus on a specific industry and unpack trends in healthcare, entertainment, farming, insurance, education, among others.

Future Sensing workshops

We offer half day or full day workshops and will custom design sessions that take place over 2-3 days. Future Sensing workshops are often linked to the business innovation strategy and it makes for a highly engaging session when participants are able to work on real business challenges.

“In a world of exponential technological change, it will be our humanity that defines us.”

Doug Mc Millon CEO, Wallmart

Workshop outcomes

Expose delegates to key trends, emerging mindsets and insights into generational demographics that are shaping the future across key categories

Understand the value of paying attention to trends

Learn how to combine trends to identify shifts in customer expectations and subsequent business opportunities

Spark fresh ideas and explore probable/possible future landscapes Identify action steps to take to prevent non-preferred future scenarios and enable preferred future scenarios

Build creative confidence and innovation capability

Improve creative problem solving abilities

Engage in forward thinking, strategic discussions

Practice sensemaking and systems thinking

Improve team dynamics & move from group think to group genius

Work with ambiguity & reach consensus on key issues

Over 20 Trend Categories to choose from









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