The future world of work has arrived. Are you ready?

This is a fully integrated 12-18 month programme designed for companies who want to develop the skills necessary to operate, accelerate, adapt, innovate and thrive in a world of high expectation, disruption and exponential technological acceleration.

Shift thinking, develop awareness of and change behaviour. Build creative confidence, become curious and learn creative thinking skills; integrate strategic analytical thinking and solve complex problems. Become a radical collaborator, learn to live with ambiguity; develop non-linear integrative thinking skills and practice cognitive flexibility.

Working in diverse teams, you will learn to develop and implement human-centred solutions from the first mile to the last mile of the value chain. Your thinking will be challenged as you move towards transformational solutions while becoming aware of and tapping into collective intelligence as you bust the myth of the lone genius.

You will work on real business challenges, with applied fieldwork between sessions; solidifying the learning while working towards solutions and tangible business results.


Get ready to change your world!

  • 9 powerful thinking models
  • 18 highly engaging training days
  • Agile thinking & daily scrums
  • 12 game-changing months
  • 26 easy to use reusable tools
  • Digital platform for tips, tricks & reminders
  • Regular collective Intelligence sessions
  • Radical collaboration forums

Learn to use and apply 9 powerful thinking models

Develop 22 new future skills

  1. Cognitive load management – optimise your brain for high performance and thriving
  2. Improve cognitive flexibility
  3. Build creative confidence
  4. Sharpen your listening skills
  5. Leverage the power of questions
  6. Suspend judgement
  7. Develop empathy and improve relational dynamics
  8. Create social and emotional awareness (social intelligence)
  9. Optimise learning agility and adaptability (curiosity)
  10. Enable creative thinking and innovative behaviour
  11. Move from group think to group genius
  12. Harness collective intelligence
  13. Build shared pools of meaning
  14. Relentlessly focus on customers
  15. Engage in sensemaking and visioning
  16. Develop contextual & strategic intelligence
  17. Develop systemic, integrative thinking
  18. Anticipate and create change
  19. Understand and apply behavioural insights
  20. Develop frictionless, agile solutions
  21. Build ecosystems of value
  22. Enable innovative business models via digital transformation