Reinventing Leadership Development Together. Join us for the LeaderShift workshop – 19 March 2020

Is it just us or have you also noticed the leadership crisis? And despite the availability of multiple models and theories; nobody really seems to have all the answers. Not when it comes to shifting leadership behaviour in any event. We certainly don’t. It is for this reason that we have created this LeaderShift workshop, that is built on the fact that genius is a collective effort.

This workshop is a highly experiential, facilitated process. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 25 participants, who are expected to come prepared.

Participants will receive:

  • A custom-made, full colour, bound book, jammed-packed with cutting-edge research, the latest reports and insights.
  • All posters and poster sharing sessions will be recorded and converted into a report and made available digitally.
  • All output (sensemaking, themes, patterns and potential action steps) will be captured and shared. This will be included in the digital report.

So bring your voice, put on your thinking cap and get ready to engage, learn and share with others who have a vested interest in reinventing leadership development.

Register now to secure your place and receive the prework.

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Developing leaders for a world that passed?

Leadership development is critical to business success. The Harvard Business School 2018 “State of Leadership Development” report shows that companies which prioritise L&D continue to outperform their competitors on revenue growth, market position and future growth.

So why do only one third of managers say that leadership development programs helped them become much more effective? Why do so many L&D organisations and departments fall short on delivering real, measurable impact on business performance? When more than 80% of survey respondents say that organisations need more innovative learning techniques in leadership programs,  it’s clearly time to do something radically different.

Suzanne McAndrew, global head of talent, Willis Towers Watson says the following: “With disruption on the horizon, organisations will require strong, visionary people leaders who can think through the people and talent strategy, and work with management on the business strategy. Unfortunately, as our research shows, most CPOs are not prepared.” (CPO = Chief People Officer) In a recent McKinsey Quarterly, it is clear that “soft skills for a hard world are becoming even more crucial as intelligent machines take over more physical, repetitive, and basic cognitive tasks”

The top three areas of missing soft skills reported by HR professionals are:

  • Problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and creativity (37%)
  • Ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity (32%)
  • Communication (31%)

It is clear. We need a radical re-think on leadership development in order to:

  • Be agile as OD, L&D and HR professionals and service providers;
  • Put leaders at the centre of the process;
  • Partner with stakeholders across the business; and
  • Embrace innovation in learning techniques.

 About the facilitator:

Itha TaljaardAfter 20 years at blue-chip companies like Liberty Life, SBSA (Futurist) and Absa as Head of Innovation, Itha Taljaard founded Sense to Solve in July 2007, focusing on guiding individuals, teams and organisations to reinvent their thinking. Focus areas include innovation, applied creative thinking, strategy, design thinking, decision-making, the neuroscience of creativity, business model innovation, behavioural science, futures thinking and leadership development.

Itha’s completed a string of courses, and can lead training in renowned workshops such as Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking®, LEGO Serious Play™, Whole Brain™ Thinking, The Neuroscience of Leadership and Behavioural Science. She’s excellent in helping teams explore the intricacies of complex problem solving, unlock the value of whole brain thinking and have the ability to help you use and apply creativity in developing original solutions through a deep of understanding of how the brain works.

Event details:

Date: Thursday 19 March 2020
Venue: Randpark Golf Club, Azalia room
Time: 07h00 – 19h00 (Registration from 06h30)
Cost: R6,900 pp (space is limited to 25 participants only)

How to book:

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