Nature vs. Nurture: Explore the shape of you – Date to be announced soon

In this conversation of Nature vs. Nurture, Itha Taljaard will explore the topic from various viewpoints, tapping into expert knowledge and decades of research by leading scientists.Does your DNA determine your destiny? How much of your behaviour is genetic and how much is influenced and shaped by the world you live in?

How does our understanding of Nature vs. Nurture help us to live better, happier and more successful lives at work and home?


  We’ll cover interesting questions like:
  • What does the future hold when it comes to DNA?  How much can we predict?  What about designer babies?
  • A short historical overview of heredity full of fascinating stories of how the theories of the day influenced what people did.
  • How much are traits like eye colour, weight, autism, spatial ability, personality, the way you think etc. influenced by genetics?
  • How children can be so different when they grow up in the same household with the same parents and the same opportunities?
  • Do parents make a difference?
  • Does it matter which school you send your children to?
  • What impact do your life experiences have?
  • What is normal and what is abnormal?
  • Can you teach someone to be kind, empathetic or gritty?
  • Can you teach leadership?

About the facilitator:

After 20 years at blue-chip companies like Liberty Life, SBSA (Futurist) and Absa as Head of Innovation, Itha Taljaard founded Sense to Solve in July 2007, focusing on guiding individuals, teams and organisations to reinvent their thinking. Focus areas include innovation, applied creative thinking, strategy, design thinking, decision-making, the neuroscience of creativity, business model innovation, behavioural science, futures thinking and leadership development.

Itha’s completed a string of impressive courses, and can lead training in renowned workshops such as Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking®, LEGO Serious Play™ and Whole Brain™ Thinking, The Neuroscience of Thinking and Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School (London). She’s excellent in helping teams explore the intricacies of complex problem solving, the value of whole brain thinking and the ability to actively use and apply creativity in developing new and novel solutions through a deep level of understanding of how the brain works.


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