Everybody Lies

People lie, to friends, lovers, doctors, surveys – and themselves

Dr Seth Stephens-Davidowitz & Prof. Nick Chater discuss and explore how well do we do we really understand and know ourselves and each other.

According to Seth, what people say and what they do are not always the same thing. The reason? People lie, to friends, lovers, doctors, surveys – and themselves. With Google at our finger tips and Google trends, https://trends.google.com/trends/, you no longer need to rely on what people tell you. You can go and see what people are looking for, e.g. the top scoring search in all countries are for porn (except in the UK where weather is the top search). Would you admit searching for porn to your friends, family or colleagues or is it easier to be honest about searching for weather reports?  What is your honest answer?  What have you searched for on Google?  And, there is a difference between what we look for on Google vs. what we look for on social platforms.

Professor Nick Chater, founder of Warwick Business School’s Behavioural Science Group and co-founder of research consultancy Decision Technology, presents his theory on how our minds actually work.  He says we don’t know our own minds – it is flat – instead, we make up our own beliefs and motives based on the past, and in this way discover our own personalities, as our lives unfold.