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Radical Collaboration is based on a key principle from Design Thinking. It speaks to co-creation and is inspired by the desire to learn from, offer and embrace diverse perspectives within the processes of problem-scoping, idea generation, solutions finding and innovation.

Sense to Solve’s Radical Collaboration programme invites people from different backgrounds, with different skills, abilities and thinking preferences, to come together to develop human-centered solutions.

Radical collaboration differs from conventional approaches because it is designed to embrace multiple perspectives as opposed to simply relying on “so-called-experts.”

In this way, the process helps to overcome or move beyond the unconscious biases that tend to keep us stuck in a place of circular reasoning.

Sense to Solve’s Radical Collaboration programme is based on:

  • Developing a strong base of creative thinkers, artists, strategists, skilled professionals, academics and those who add value to the lives of those around them to work with us as we develop solutions with and for our clients.
  • To promote our database of best-in-class Radical Collaborators to our clients so that they can reap the benefits of diverse perspectives when developing solutions.

To apply to become a Sense to Solve Radical Collaborator please complete the application and return to us via email.

Meet our radical collaborators


Sense To Solve - Team - Itha Taljaard
Peter Mason
Founder & CEO Just Food Nigeria
Sense To Solve - Team - Vanessa Holmes
Winifred Amma Bafour
Chef & Product Developer
Sense To Solve - Team - Charity
Gbenga Ogunleye

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