Sense to Solve has the ability to run a complete project from start to finish.

We use a meta design thinking approach which assumes we will: co-create the process and project with you; collaborate with the relevant teams and departments; provide strategic thought leadership; do the required research; connect the relevant trends and create possible scenarios; design multiple prototypes to test, learn and refine; apply behavioural science insights; construct innovative business models (if required); and in the process transfer valuable skills to you and your team.

Solution options

Solutions are custom designed and co-created to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Examples of Applied Solutions:

Trend research, scenario development, strategic opportunity identification

Opportunity identification and/or validation: unique Customer Value Proposition

Human-centred design: First Mile to Last mile applied process

Ethnography: research, interviews, immersion

Opportunity identification and verification

Business Model development and validation

Eco system development: Current vs. new

Jobs-to-be-done: identification and validation

Behavioural insights: trial design, choice architecture design, EAST framework application

Solution outcomes

Designed to achieve customer specific objectives and unique requirements