Start Thinking with Sense to Solve

This highly engaging, experiential process is designed to develop self-awareness, personal growth, relationships with others and as a result, stronger teams and more effective organisations.

Start Thinking is based on the globally acclaimed Whole Brain® model and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®). The process begins with each delegate completing the HBDI® survey online. From this we generate an individual HBDI® profile and/or a team profile of the learning group.

This is followed by a Start Thinking workshop, during which we explore how different thinking preferences drive behaviour and shape relationships. The process drives self-awareness and enables us to open people up to thinking and learning better, by using their whole brain.

Whole Brain® activities encourage participants to embrace diversity by welcoming collaboration with people that have thinking preferences that are different to their own. This works well with the overarching themes of self-awareness, relationship building and social intelligence.

The tools and activities provide the basis for content that can drive on-going learning initiatives between classroom sessions. In addition to workshops, Sense to Solve offer one-on-one consultations for those who would like to explore individual, pair (personal relationships) or team profiles in more depth.

We can also help you to further integrate the process with Learning Circles and internal engagement campaigns that are designed to deepen learning and integration.

Workshop options

Personal Effectiveness

Learn to use your Whole Brain®

“By understanding and paying attention to our own modes of perception, we can better understand and pay attention to perceptions of other people.”

Ned Herrmann

Team Effectiveness

Move to group genius: tap into diverse thinking styles

“Use HBDI® to improve team dynamics, embrace diversity & deliver results!”

Personal Relationship

Improve personal relationships with family and friends

“Use HBDI® to foster deeper understanding of how those closest to you like to think”

Workshop outcomes

 Education/training direction, career direction job choice and job satisfaction, personal creativity, creative problem solving, team and relationship building

Relationship with others, thinking styles, learning styles, strengths and things one might overlook in decision-making, problem solving and communication

Understanding of others – thinking styles and ways of working, resourcing for Whole Brain® effectiveness, working with cognitive diversity, moving from group think to group genius

Educational courses, meetings, presentations, learning materials, publications, advertisements, job design and team structuring

The Whole Brain® approach to creativity and innovation, understand innovation and creative processes, establishing a climate for creativity and innovation, and unleashing creative potential

Occupational profiling, thinking styles, learning styles, organisational structure and culture, management style, key leadership issues

Understanding of management vs. leadership roles and styles, staff development, communication, planning – strategic and operational, Managing differences and diversity, managing change, alignment of corporate issues, creative climate building, improving productivity

Needs assessment, assignment and management of sales roles (i.e. acquisition vs. development and retention) strategy development, communication, sales training

Design and delivery, evaluation, presentation materials, training trainers, participant selection/groupings

Writing, formatting, designing, facilitating, training, clarifying, presentation of materials in a Whole Brain® way