Align your strategy with your vision, mission, purpose and values by shifting mindsets, feelings and actions


Achieve seamless alignment and sustainable success with our data-driven, insights-based, strategic solutions. Sense to Solveā€™s evidence-based approach is designed to harmonise your business, brand, culture, people, ESG Impact and innovation objectives with your overarching purpose, vision, mission, values, goals, and KPIs.

We place people (customers and employees), at the heart of the strategy and recognise the intricate connections between your team, customers, and stakeholders, your culture, market landscape and your potentials for incremental and disruptive innovation.

Our comprehensive methodology encompasses all facets of your business model, including upstream and downstream considerations, to develop solutions that align with multiple stakeholder perspectives. We combine research with data from our TeamBarometerā„¢ app and work closely with you and your team to gain a systemic understanding of your problem and/or opportunity landscape.

Our team is a blend of multidisciplinary experts who seamlessly merge organisational data and insights with fields like neuroscience, psychology, established managerial practices and behavioural science to deliver fully integrated strategies and ecosystems of value for our clients.

Whether you are an entrepreneurial start-up or a well-established organisation seeking growth, diversification or innovation, Sense to Solve is poised to assist you in developing actionable strategies supported by practical solutions that enhance performance and yield tangible results.

Sense to Solve also facilitates bespoke strategy workshops based on methodologies like Business Model Canvas, Business Ecosystems, Lean Six Sigma, Six Thinking Hats, LEGOĀ® Serious Play, Brand Leadership and Last Mile Strategy, among others.