What, why and HOW?

Sense to Solve specialises in the design and delivery of integrated programmes that help organisations to make sense of, and solve for complexity, so that they can survive and thrive in this volatile, ever changing world of work.

All Sense to Solve models are tried and tested and are based on scientific, evidence-based research (i.e. grounded theory).

All offerings are underpinned with insights from neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology.

We work with how the brain works, with how people learn and with how emotional, irrational human beings think and make decisions.



Sense to Solve starts every client engagement by taking the time to understand your needs within the context of organisational integration. Our aim is to integrate initiatives and create ecosystems of value that deliver results. The model below demonstrates different degrees of integration:

Peripheral Integration

Internalised Integration

Central Integration

Total Integration

All degrees of integration have merit. For example, peripheral integration may be the best approach for a company who wants to do a supplier training and internalised integration would make sense for a company wanting to up-skill just one division within the business. However, companies looking to create a substantial shift in organisational culture should aim for central or total integration. Understanding integration aims and the capacity of an organisation to support those aims enables Sense to Solve to design training programmes in a manner that meets your objectives.

When the aim is for central or total integration, our preferred approach is to conduct an internal audit to determine how best to create eco-systems of value that entrench learnings as a way of life for the company. Our strategic approach may then consist of more than one Sense to Solve solution. It is important to note that whilst the Sense to Solve’s solutions have been developed with integration in mind, all solutions can be delivered independently.

Jayshree Naidoo

Standard Bank

"It forced them to step out of their comfort zone but also engage in deep and meaningful conversation with individuals they did not work with on a regular basis."

Amanda J


"My thinking has changed on a personal and business level and will definitely influence the way in which we want to solves problems/ issues etc."

Pieter de Beer

Lodox Systems

"After consultation it was evident that the Sense-to-Solve approach, would be effective and efficient to spin the heads of individuals and to glue the team together."

Jacqui Klaasen


"The LEGO takes all of the participants, even the engineers, out of their comfort zone. Participants started thinking about the current status quo and it forced us to look up and outwards to what was and is still transpiring in the world outside."

Christo Conradie


"LEGO is an amazing initiative that can guide strategic planning, it will unleash potential within a team, encourage teamwork & clearly understand  the difference between responsible vs accountable & create a real golden thread."

Riette Sutherland

SA Taxi

"Itha has been an inspirational addition to our business, she has created a creative space where innovation has prospered and brought about new ideas which are just waiting to turn in to revenue generating business projects."

"DESIGN THINKING is a tool that enables us to see things not as they are, but as they could be. It's a mindset that empowers us to create meaningful change."

Tim Brown