Co-create a culture where people step in and speak up, where problems get solved and innovation prospers


According to Harvard study, a strong organisational culture has the capacity to increase income by a staggering 765% over ten years. While this statistic is undeniably compelling, the journey to cultivating a successful culture can be challenging and elusive, often at a significant cost.

This may be attributed to the insightful realisation that culture, as Daniel Coyle aptly emphasises, is not an innate mystical phenomenon. Instead, it is a dynamic set of living, changing relationships working toward a shared goal. He writes, “It is not something you are. It's something you do”.

To transform culture, we must initiate changes in behaviour, which  necessitates shifts in thinking. While this might seem like a monumental undertaking, you'll be pleased to learn that it's often a subtle pattern of small behavioural shifts that can have the most significant impact on culture.

Sense to Solve starts every culture project with a process of discovery, utilising our innovative TeamBarometer™ app, alongside digital surveys and any existing employee engagement results within your company.


We also conduct one-on-one interviews, culture-focused group sessions, and workshops involving your executive leadership team.

We extract and analyse the data to develop insights across 14 essential dimensions: Trust, Psychological Safety, Respect, Diversity & Inclusion, Sense of Belonging, Integrity, Collaboration, Agility, Adaptability, Customer Centricity, Execution, Recognition, Wellbeing and Impact (ESG).

Building upon our findings and insights, Sense to Solve will craft a tailored culture program to meet your specific needs. All culture programs initiate with top leadership and cascade down to include other leaders, teams, and individuals at all levels within the organization.

Sense to Solve also ensures alignment between the culture program and your business, brand, and organizational development strategies, with a keen focus on your vision, mission, purpose, and core values. If these strategies and/or elements are not in existence, our experienced, multifaceted team can assist you in their development as well.