Build strong, collaborative teams that operate from a position of trust, psychological safety & alignment


Sense to Solve recognises that each team is unique. Likewise, we believe that it is almost impossible to develop strong, happy, high-performance teams in the absence of effective leadership, an enabling environment and a  relatively healthy organisational culture.

One of the primary reasons for this is that psychological safety, inclusion and belonging starts with the leader. If the team operates in an environment in which they do not feel safe, they hold back. And, they don’t only withhold the bad stuff like pointing out and/or owning mistakes, they withhold their ideas and suggestions too. In such circumstances, trying to create team alignment is a little like trying to drive a car with your foot on the accelerator and the break at the same time.

Even when leadership and environmental conditions are optimal, creating team alignment generally requires new mind-sets, skills and practical tools that help to shift behaviour and develop new ways of working.


Learning to work with a growth mindset, powered by curiosity, active listening and learning to ask good questions are key. Individual team members need to feel valued and must learn to understand that they have agency and that what they do and how they do it impacts collective performance and team dynamics.

It is often assumed that people understand what words like “collaboration” mean, when in reality they have no idea how to lean into diversity or tap into collective intelligence to collaborate effectively.

Our data-led Team Alignment Solutions start with the leader and with each individual. We work with the brain and with how people think and make decisions to deliver interactive workshops, practical tools and techniques, underpinned by behavioural science. These shift mindsets, change behaviours, build relationships and team alignment. We also offer LEGO team builds and The Quaternity (an online team building experience).



Starting with the individual, our Team Canvas process is designed to help teams to connect as human beings. This improves psychological safety, inclusion and sense of belonging. In addition, the canvas explores individual and team purpose, goals, values, strengths, weaknesses, needs and expectations. It also helps teams to reach alignment by agreeing what collective success looks like and by providing teams with the framework to discuss and commit to mutually agreeable ways of working.


This practical course is designed to help teams to build efficiency by overcoming the challenges of hybrid work and modern technology. Participants learn how to work with their brains and how to shift behaviour one small step at a time. We emphasise the importance of  sleep, taking breaks, setting boundaries, moving more and eating well. We bust the myth of multitasking and provide practical tools and techniques that improve meeting efficiency and effectiveness.                                      


This Masterclass delves into the meaning and importance of collaboration, explores different types and methods of collaborating. It teaches collaboration principles and mindets and explores why it can be challenging by examining biases, prohibitive mental models and other pitfalls. Gain practical tools and techniques as they learn to lean into diversity and inclusion as they sharpen skills needed to move teams from group think to group genius by leveraging the power of collective intelligence.


LEGO® Team Build is a fun, engaging experimental methodology, designed to explore and enhance team dynamics, collaboration and alignment. As a hands-on, minds-on experiential process it invites  deeper, meaningful understandings of the world, people and possibilities. It is inclusive, encourages participation and creativity, as well as conversation and reflection. It is suited to solving problems, refining processes, building relationships, exploring new solutions and improving communication.


Elevate your team's potential with bespoke facilitation services, tailored to ignite creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking. Experienced facilitators craft customised sessions that align seamlessly with your business objectives, ensuring a transformative and engaging experience. Our seasoned skilled facilitators guide your team through a personalised journey that fosters innovation, improves communication, and achieves measurable results on a personal and team level.


Our TeamBarometer™ App empowers leaders and organisations to measure and track team performance in real-time. It includes six different assessments that are quick and easy to complete: Trust in organisation, Trust in team, Team Safety, Sense of Belonging, Team Assessment of Leader and Leader Self-Assessment. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, you can boost performance with targeted interventions. TeamBarometer™ is useful for leadership, team alignment and culture programmes.