Solve specific customer, team and business needs

Sense to Solve custom designs workshops and fully integrated learning and development programmes for clients.

To get the best results we conduct a needs analysis with key members of your team so that we can design with specific objectives and outcomes in mind. As with all Sense to Solve programmes, we work with the brain and with how people learn and make decisions. We do this by incorporating neuroscience research and behavioural insights.

Custom workshops are generally based on one or more of the following themes:

  • Future Skills
  • Future-ready leaders
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Business Model Innovation (new and existing businesses)
  • Incremental and/or disruptive innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Future Sensing
  • Generational demographics
  • Cultural dynamics
  • Vision & mission
  • Team dynamics and/or team resolution
  • Performance

Sense to Solve programmes include: experiential learning, moving from group think to group genius, embracing creativity and tapping into collective intelligence.  We work with proven methodologies, grounded theory and an array of tools including LEGO, puppets, storytelling kits and card games to name but a few.

We are solutions and outcomes driven and are focused on developing insightful and informed decision making.

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Get ready for the digital age

Sense to Solve custom designs digital transformation workshops to help companies and teams to survive and thrive in this volatile, ever changing world of work.

We recognise that the impacts of digital transformation on a company vary greatly depending on the life-stage and existing digital strategies within an organisation. It generally easier for a new, legacy free company to respond to digital transformation than what it is for an existing company, working with well-established analog systems and processes.

To help make sense of this fast-changing environment, Sense to Solve helps companies to revision their digital strategies based on the big 5 identified by David L. Rodgers: Customers, Competition, Data, Innovation and Value.

We also help companies to shift culture and mindsets and working with the ideology so aptly articulated by Dough Mc Millon (CEO Walmart), “As the world becomes more digital, it will be our humanity that defines us and wins with customers”.

Our Digital Transformation workshops are designed to shift thinking as follows:

  • Cognitive load management
  • Novel and adaptive thinking
  • Solutions mindset
  • Creative problem solving
  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Social and emotional intelligence
  • Integrative thinking
  • Systems thinking
  • Human centricity
  • Managing ambiguity and complexity
  • Discovery driven growth
  • Enabling environments

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Develop relevant and compelling Customer Value Propositions (CVP)

Similar to the unique selling proposition, a Customer Value Proposition is a concise statement that clearly articulates the value that a customer can expect to receive when interacting with your company. It is designed to quickly convince customers that your product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than others in its competitive set.

An effective CVP is based on a defensible positioning that you truly “own”. One that not only differentiates you from competitors, but that leverages opportunities and creates barriers to entry.

Although CVP’s are specifically targeted towards existing and potential customers (rather than other stakeholder groups such as employees, partners or suppliers) it is important to consider multiple perspectives when developing a strong CVP.

In the past, CVP’s had much longer lifespans than what they do today. It is therefore necessary to consider how the CVP can shift and evolve in relation to aggressive competition and everchanging customer needs.

Sense to Solve starts every CVP process with immersion. This could take the shape of a workshop, series of observations and/or interviews. From here we custom design workshops and training programmes to deliver on the precise needs of your customers, team and business.

Our offering is integrative and best in class because it considers the dimensions of an effective CVP from diverse perspectives within the context of digital transformation.

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Resolve team conflict, learn to collaborate and improve performance

No two people think, feel or perceive the world in the same way.  Whilst this can sometime result in conflict, it also provides opportunities for co-creation and positive exchange.

Unfortunately, most people tend to view conflict in much the same way as they see failure: as unproductive and unacceptable. At Sense to Solve, we believe the opposite is true.

Conflict provides an opportunity to pause, tap into empathy, reflect and have moments of insight that result in learning and in new ways of perceiving and doing.

Sense to Solve custom designs workshops that help teams to resolve conflict and improve performance.

We design by combining best practices, with learnings from Neuroscience, behavioural insights and decision making, with proven methodologies such as Whole Brain Thinking and LEGO Serious Play, among others.

All conflict resolution programmes include the following key principles:

  1. Acknowledge the problem
    • Listen
    • Become open to resolution
  2. Understand the problem landscape
    • Social contexts (including culture)
    • Environmental contexts (incl. work historical and present situational circumstances)
  3. Discuss the impact
    • Who, How, Where, When, Why?
  4. Imagine the future state & find a way forward
    • How might we… move to the desired state
  5. Maintain a healthy environment
    • Open communication structures and processes that prevent the repetition of past mistakes

Get ready for the digital age

Companies have long since used branding as a means of establishing emotional bonds with customers by evoking feelings of trust and confidence.  Strong brands help to reduce anxiety by simplifying decision making processes. A personal brand works in much the same way.

Because of ever-expanding social media platforms and commercial imagery, it has become increasingly important to present yourself in a simple, interesting, distinctive, relevant and memorable way.

Whether you like it or not – you already have a personal brand. Built up over the years, your behaviour, your treatment of others, your career choices, social circle, physical image, the language you use, and so on, all create perceptions of you in others. 

Sense to Solve offers customised programmes (workshops, coaching and mentoring) to help you think strategically about who you are and who you wish to become. We will teach you how to apply tried and tested brand building concepts to develop, leverage and manage your personal brand over time and different across platforms and target groups.

Who’s it for:

  • Business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs
  • Executives, senior managers & leaders
  • Consultants
  • Professional people (chefs, doctors, lawyers, coaches, analysts, accountants, etc.)
  • Politicians / public officials
  • Artists (authors, painters, sculptors, designers, musicians, actors, poets, etc.)
  • Professional athletes / sporting professionals
  • Academics
  • Anyone wanting to influence the perceptions of others in relation to themselves


  • Develop, project and communicate a clear and distinctive image that is authentic, relevant and meaningful
  • Create top-of-mind awareness within a specific category, community and/or domain
  • Increase relevance, authority and believability
  • Encourage leadership opportunities, enhance recognition, prestige and perceptual value
  • Attract and engaging the right people (employers, employees, customers, media, etc.)
  • Improve career growth and earning potential

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