Move purposefully & deliberately between creativity and rationality to enhance problem solving skills

Creative Sense is a structured 2-3 day process rooted in Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and Lateral Thinking.

The process, principles and range of practical tools that this course offers, are ideally suited to solving problems, finding and leveraging opportunities. This skill set is particularly beneficial when you want to move beyond conventional thinking to arrive at creative (novel and useful) solutions.

A key differentiator is the use of both divergent thinking (generating choices) and convergent thinking (making choices) at each step (rather than just when generating ideas).

Creative Sense also includes tools that help to identify and address the needs of all stakeholders and provides highly effective project planning and implement tools.


Workshop OPTIONS

We offer 1 day, 2 day and 3 day programmes, with the option to work on real business challenges during the 3 day programme.


  • Cultivate a creative problem solving mind-set with a solid understanding of the CPS process, principles and mindsets

  • Develop creative confidence

  • Learn new techniques as you practice and improve your creative thinking skills

  • Practice integrative thinking by learning to move purposefully and deliberately between creative and critical thinking processes

  • Acquire a complete set of practical divergent and convergent thinking tools that can be re-used with teams back at the office

  • Learn to generate novel and adaptive solutions, that are relevant and address multiple stakeholder needs

  • Work on a real business challenge – combine learning with the potential for ROI (3 day programme only)