Sense to Solve - Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a human-centred approach that places the customer or user in the driving seat of innovation. It integrates the wants and needs of people, with the potentials of technology and the essentials for business success.

All Sense to Solve Design Thinking Programmes are based on our unique First Mile to Last Mile Design Thinking model, which integrates the best of human centred Design Thinking with Agile principles, Creative Problem-Solving tools, Jobs-To-Be-Done, Business Model Innovation and Last Mile thinking.

Our programmes are all underpinned with insights from neuroscience, behavioural economics, and psychology.

Sense to Solve offers a range of Design Thinking solutions, which are specifically tailored to suit the needs of different audiences within an organisation.

Workshop options

3-hour: Design Thinking Introductory Seminar for Leaders

4-hour: Design Thinking Crash Course: Quick Solve

2 Day: Design Thinking Master Class

5 Day: First Mile to Last Mile Design Thinking Course

Applied Design Thinking Solutions

Workshop outcomes

Address complex business problems and create competitive edge by solving real customer needs, whilst training employees in Design Thinking principles and processes.

Gain empathy and develop insights based on a rich understanding of real customer needs and observed customer behaviours.

Test ideas and refine ideas with real users before developing and deploying expensive solutions.

Save time and money by embracing rough and ready prototyping “fail early and often” rather than wasting time and money on perfectly executed undesirable solutions.

Leverage the value of multi-disciplinary teams that include the perspectives of individuals with diverse skills and abilities.

Learn to identify underlying root causes in relation to challenges as opposed to reacting to superficial and/or surface problems.

Stay relevant and innovate without disruption, whilst developing and entrenching a culture of experimentation, creativity, innovation and action.

Apply Design Thinking principles and processes to just about any business challenge, within any industry. Use the process and principles to improve internal operational systems, processes and efficiencies.

Leverage the benefits of a coherent methodology that stems from well-known best practices, incorporated into a user friendly and easily replicable process.