There is no SILVER BULLET when it comes to developing

effective leader & leadership models

Never before has the world of business been as complex as it is today. According to Futurist Gerd Leonard, we live in a time of exponential technological change that is set on a steep and rapidly accelerating upward curve.

The bottom line: the future is not coming – it is here and the complexities of dealing with digital disruption will only intensify. Likewise, this is the first time in history that the world of work includes 4 different generational demographics, each with very different ways of thinking about the world.

Interestingly, most analysts agree that it will not be our adoption of new technologies that define us, but rather our humanity that differentiates us and helps us to win with staff, customers and partners.

At Sense to Solve, we recognise that the path to developing effective leaders is both a personal and a relational journey that can only be effective when thought about within both the broader environmental context and within the context of the leadership environment.

As leaders are people (not machines), it is important to provide a framework that allows leaders to develop their own leadership style. However, shifting mindsets, enabling new ways of thinking and working and developing characteristics that are conducive to this new world of work can greatly enhance innovation capabilities, relational dynamics and ultimately, the potential for success.



Workshop OPTIONS

All Sense to Solve leader and leadership programmes are custom-designed in consultation with EXCO to ensure an in-depth understanding of the business landscape including key challenges and opportunities for growth. All programmes include a pilot phase, which enable us to reflect, refine and improve the programme based on the key principles of discovery driven human-centred design.

Our programmes are underpinned by neuroscience and behavioural insights and we draw on a combination of other proven methodologies. These include, but are not limited to: Whole Brain® Thinking, the best of human-centred Design Thinking, Future Sensing, Business Model Innovation, Agile, Creative Problem Solving, Lateral Thinking and the Art & Science of Decision Making, among others.

All programmes include Macro Learning (workshops), Applied Learning (field work) and Social Learning (to spread ideas and shift organisational culture by doing).

Learn, develop and apply 24 LEADERSHIP SKILLS

  • Cognitive load management – optimise your brain for high performance and thriving
  • Improve cognitive flexibility
  • Increase resilience
  • Build creative confidence
  • Sharpen your listening skills
  • Leverage the power of questions
  • Suspend judgement
  • Develop empathy and improve relational dynamics
  • Create social and emotional awareness (social intelligence)
  • Create psychological safety
  • Optimise learning agility and adaptability (curiosity)
  • Enable creative thinking and innovative behaviour
  • Move from group think to group genius
  • Harness collective intelligence
  • Build shared pools of meaning
  • Relentlessly focus on customers
  • Engage in sensemaking and visioning
  • Develop contextual & strategic intelligence
  • Develop systemic, integrative thinking
  • Anticipate and create change
  • Understand and apply behavioural insights
  • Develop frictionless, agile solutions
  • Build ecosystems of value
  • Enable innovative business models via digital transformation