Boost individual and team performance to thrive

Advanced imaging technologies and other sophisticated methods of research in the brain sciences have led to a growing number of remarkable discoveries about how the brain works. This creates an unprecedented opportunity to raise the bar in relation to both individual and collective performance.

Sense to Solve works in strategic partnership with Neurozone® – a South African based neuroscience company that has developed a robust model to enhance brain performance, based on the identification and development of eleven key performance drivers.

Together with Neurozone® Sense to Solve offer delegates the option to complete an online diagnostic that assess performance along these lines. From there we can provide both individual and team performance reports, which enable us to work more proactively with areas in need of improvement.

All Sense to Solve facilitators have undergone training and are certificated trainers of the Neurozone® model. Whilst we follow the Neurozone® model, all workshops are designed by Sense to Solve to remain fun, experiential and engaging.

Workshop options

Neuroscience of creativity:

Develop creative confidence and enhance innovation capabilities

Neuroscience of leadership:

Strengthen leadership skills with key findings from neuroscience and behavioural insights

Customised programmes:

Address specific challenges with findings from neuroscience and behavioural insights, e.g. team effectiveness, resilience, psychological safety, etc.

All Sense to Solve offerings are underpinned with learnings from neuroscience, behavioural insights and psychology. We work with how the brain works, with how people learn and with how emotional, irrational human beings think and make decisions.

Workshop outcomes

Understand the physicality of the brain and the powerful brain-body system and learn how to actively drive better brain performance on a daily basis.

Understand macro and micro drivers for resilience.

Develop an action plan to optimise foundational drivers to enhance resilience and performance.

Understand why change is difficult and what to do to manage change for self and for others.

Understand the difference between a closed mindset vs. an open mindset, and a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset and how to shift from the one to the other.

Increased awareness of the power of mental models, emotional and social drivers for self and for others improve performance and relationships.

Know how to move from group think to group genius – tapping into cognitive diversity and create shared pools of meaning.

Understand how the neuroscience of creativity works, improve creative thinking skills and move between creative and critical thinking.

Understand how to actively and deliberately create moments of insights, pay focussed attention and solve complex problems.

Understand cognitive biases and heuristics and how this impacts decision-making for self and in teams/groups.