TeamSync™ equips organisations, leaders and their teams with valuable knowledge and practical tools to foster psychological safety, promote inclusion, and develop a strong sense of belonging. Our aim is to cultivate relevant, happier, healthier, high-performing individuals and teams who work in sync to identify and achieve common purpose and mutually understood goals.

TeamSync™ helps leaders and organisations to remain relevant as it includes the capacities and skills to help you become and remain future fit.

Driving success with the

TeamBarometer™ App

At the core of TeamSyncTM lies our cutting-edge TeamBarometerTM App. This tool enables a leader to do regular, real-time team health checks, measuring different aspects such as trust, sense of belonging, safety and leader skills. The leader and organisation can track data and trends over time, identify opportunities for targeted interventions and measure the impact of those interventions real-time.

Addressing global workload trends

We understand the distinctiveness of each organisation, leader and team, while also recognising global trends associated with work- life balance, burnout, anxiety and quiet quitting. These issues are systemic and inter-connected. They compound and are felt as an overwhelming sense of workload.

TeamSync™ tackles these challenges head-on, offering strategies to build efficiency and reclaim valuable time. By addressing these issues, we empower organisations, leaders and teams to enhance productivity, while simultaneously restoring a healthy work-life balance.


Programme duration is between 32 and 40 weeks, depending on client pace & availability

The content plan includes:

  • A selection of e-mailers (for launch, context setting, plus weekly hacks & nudges for each theme)
  • Theme based webinars: Focused, practical & engaging
  • A user friendly PlayBook that includes useful information, practical tips and tools
  • Online card games that help people to understand and improve psychological safety, conflict mastery and creative thinking
  • A robust repository of practical tools and models, interesting reading materials, podcasts and video clips linked to each theme
  • A selection of virtual meeting backgrounds linked to each theme
  • Posters and content for TV screens in and around the office
  • Recommendations for thematically linked, branded promotional items

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Real-time data and actionable insights to improve leader and team performance
  • Identified core areas to focus on as an organisation (senior leadership teams) that enables high performance teams and better work-live balance for employees
  • Identify and commit to shaping the environment in a manner that enables productivity and work-life balance
  • Specific actions / projects / progress clearly communicated on a regular basis as it relates to the TeamSync™ programme
  • Showing employees how serious and committed you are to address the identified issues

Leader & Teams outcomes

  • Leaders are equipped with new skills, improved mindsets, practical tools & processes to develop & maintain team performance and well-being
  • Leaders will understand the importance of psychological safety & sense of belonging, and how to create and maintain it as core drivers for team wellbeing, higher performance & levels of engagement
  • Leaders will be able to systematically create team alignment in any team (direct reports, cross-functional, and/or project teams)
  • Leaders become data driven and understand the value of regular assessments to drive focussed initiatives to have the right impact



  • Individuals will learn that they have agency and that they are able to make an impact in their own lives by doing work differently
  • Practical, easy to implement hacks and tips to improve work-life balance for individuals with a specific focus on:
  • Meeting discipline
    Focus (working with the brain) Improve own wellbeing, core areas:
  • Taking breaks Movement and exercise Sleep
  • Understand and apply habit formation in any area in life
  • Feeling safe in the team & organisation with high levels of trust & a deep sense of belonging